Jerky Playback

When I encode an AVI to mpeg with Tmpgenc, the encoded mpeg plays back with a slight jerky motion. Its still watchable, but not with the quality I used to get. I tried playing the AVI with Realplayer, before I encoded it, and got the same jerkiness. I then tried playing it with VLC Player, and it played back perfectly. Why is that? How can I get Tmpgenc to encode with the same quality that VLC player plays back? Thanks


What you should do is check the frame rate of the avi(using a utility called avicodec[freeware]) and see what it is. Most likely the frame rate is lower than the legal frame rate of PAL(25 Frames/Sec) and NTSC(29.97 Frames/Sec). So when Tmpgenc encodes it, it has to perform a reverse pulldown(pullup, i.e duplicate some frames in the source video in order to fulfil the required frame rate of the output[ntsc/pal]). This is MOST LIKELY to be the cause. As far as VLC player goes, I really don’t knopw how it displays the video perfectly. In this case, it COULD also be the installation of a BAD codec which VLC player does NOT use and would mean you NEED to reinstall that particular codec(which Avicodec will display in the params of the file).

Hope this helps.

I had lots of problems like that with TMPGEnc, but installing ffdshow helped the problem. However, I now use ProCoder Express which does perfect encoding from any AVI.

AVI is really a bad format, and it will have quality problems when captured to pc. I encoded my DV avi files with TMPGEnc and I had a great result. Check IBOP and those settings, because they can improve your avi quality :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback. Ill post my results.