Jerky Playback on PC

My backed up DVDs play fine on my DVD player, but are jerky on my PC. Any solutions?

P4 3.06Ghz 512 DDR Ram, etc so definitely fast enough. DMA IS enabled


Low quality DVDROM? Dirty laser? Try another DVD software (PowerDVD works well for me) All DVDs do this?

Yeh, power DVD seems to be OK for the moment. But I have another more serious problem…

Backed-up DVDs worked fine on my toshiba player and my PS2. But now, they are all jerky/pixellated on both players! Are the discs wearing out? Are the lasers going to the dump? There are no errors on the actual discs and they have been played on my PC fine, I even ripped them and checked for errors… I have tried the more obvious solutions like cleaning the already-spotless discs and cleaning the lenses in both players… What is happening. This is very concerning.

I used ‘datasafe media 4x DVD+R’s’ They all used to work fine. I recently bought a new spindle of ‘datawrite 2.4x DVD+R’s’. These seem to be jerky a soon as I put them in my Ps2.


Thanks for helping out