Jerky picture on playback

Just installed DVD region free (latest version) on a new Acer laptop. Ultra DMA appears to be enabled (checked system/hardware/device manager). DVD drive is region 2.

Players used Ultra DVD/WinDVD 7/Acer Arcade.

All three play a region 2 and region free disc fine. Any other region and the playback is very jerky.

Trying to copy the DVD to the HDD, record time is around 500 minutes (on last laptop it was around 40 minutes)!

Any ideas


What is the differences between the 2 laptops? CPU speed. amount of memory, etc


Previous was a Sony Vaio 1.?Gz Celeron, 512Mb Ram, 16Mb dedicated video, 60Gb HDD, DVD read only CD±RW

New is Acer Aspire 2.0GHz Celeron, 1Gb RAM, 256Mb dedicated video ,100Gb HDD, 17" widescreen, dual layer DVD ±RW

Sony had the version of Region Free

New version works fine on my desktop

Tried to uninstall Region free and put on old version but system doesn’t like you doing that

Have checked your hard drive to see whether you do have enough space required for ripping the movie and also try to defrag you HD.

Tom and Larry have reverted to older versions of other Fab products. I think you have to completely unistall to go back and I know Platinum versions are all named the same, so I would guess Region Free is same. Fengtao does not keep older versions on download site. Some people do keep older versions and they can be sent by email. I do not have that program but have dvdidle pro which has same functions.


Tried reverting but get a message saying “Some internal files are not up to date” and then it won’t continue.


Actually I’ve just found out that my DVD drive is not supported!

Thanks for the thoughts