Jerky .avi playback in Windows Media Player

Hi …

I have an .avi which I want to put onto vcd, but when played through Windows Media Player, it sort of jerks & has multiple “pictures” as the camera pans left/right up/down etc. Its really juddery. However, when I play it through DivX Player, it plays smooth as it should do.

My question is, if I encode it using TMPGenc, will it be ok? Or will it be jerky/juddery?



Most likely

lol ok …

It seems I needed a codec, so now it plays silky smooth in both Windows Media Player and DivX Player …

However! I have just encoded the avi to vobs etc using WinAVI, burnt it onto DVD, and on playback in a standalone dvd player, the audio & video stops & starts every 10-15 seconds or so, then goes ok, then 10-15 seconds again it goes stoppy starty … any ideas?

Thanks in advance!

If your video clip plays jerky (assuming that you have a recent version of an appropriate decompressor and it’s not caused by a slow CPU) you can’t do anything about it.
Does your video clip (AVI) freeze every 10-15 sec on the computer as the encoded version?

Hello everyone,

I have just downloaded a divx avi file and when trying to play it the image jerks at standard one or two second intervals (image freezes for a short period of time and then jumps back to the frame which corresponds to the sound, omitting the frames that should have been displayed while the image froze). I have tried playing it with all players installed on my system, but the result is always the same.

GSpot confirms that the codec is DivX 5.0.

Does anyone have an idea of what would be the best course of action? Shall I try to repair the file somehow, or is it a codec problem?