Jens of Sweden MP-300 MP3/WMA player has FM Transmitter

I just posted the article Jens of Sweden MP-300 MP3/WMA player has FM Transmitter.

 One of my favorite sites to  check for gadgets I4U, has done a nice review of a small, 47 gram MP3  player, that not only has a great sound, but can run 26 hours on a single AA  battery.   ...
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Argh, where is the .OGG decoder?? They even give out a royalty-free floating-point-free library for hardware manufacturers to use…

The FM transmitter is potentially a liability - I realise that the intention is to market the product in North America, where it would be legal. In the UK, and, I believe, the rest of the European Union, such low power FM transmitters are quite illegal - they’re treated as unlicensed and unlicensable transmitters in a broadcast band.

What I read about this player on another site is that it will be sold with the FM-feature disabled in those countries where it is illegal.