We have news just in that an HK company have also developed a PS2 Mod chip allowing playback of PS1 Backups and Imports. Nothing on this chip has been said about DVD and PS2 backup compatibility. However, since patched PS2 backups can already play using the swap method, it is most probable that they will also run using this chip.

A German company has revealed they have a finished mod, but that they will not start to sell it until they have enough pre-orders, since they think that the chip code will be hacked very fast once the chip is released. It is also said that this code is based on an old PS1 modchip code and that it only will work with PS1 games.

For pictures of the completed PS2 Chip, please come to our website (

We have pictures of the complete chip and how it works.

Also, are a number of swap tricks for PS2 that we have isted on site!

Check it out :wink:

Posted by: Pretender | | at Wednesday 31 May
Iám no techfreak but a chip that is simulating the swap would be extreme usefull.Iám sure there will be a PS 1 like Modchip for PS2!!!

Posted by: Euphoria | | at Wednesday 31 May
Like I said earlier…it’s just a matter of time! Be patient…I guess there will be a PS2 modchip for PS1+2 when the machine will be released in October. Second: PlayStation has already won the battle! Good bye Sega and Nintendo…

Posted by: werner | | at Sunday 02 July
men old news
i build a psx modchip in a psx2 and it works perfect for over 7 weeks
now i can play psx backups and
psx2 backups
HKEXPORT ha ha what kinda idiots are that
greetings to PDX and CAPCOM

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