Jeepers Creepers 2

My neighbor came by the house and wanted to make a backup of a old dvd he had. It was Jeeepers Creepers 2 Special ediition, and I had problems making a copy.
The disk looked worn, but had no major scratches. I did attempt to clean the disk.

I have the latest AnyDVD working in background, tried using Nero Recode and DvdShrink with no success.
Tried copying files to disk, get windows file system error.
Tried using AnyDVD to rip disk to Hard Drive, no success

Finally successful using VOBBLANKER to copy files to disk.

Can anyone comment on why these programs were having problems with a DVD that came out in 2003???

The disk was clean, I didn’t see any scratches that would cause the windows system error.

I also had no success with DVDDecryptor and ImgBurn.
AnyDVD, Windows copy, Nero and Shrink did not work with both my BenQ 1640 and Lite-On 165H6.

But VOBBLANKER worked with both drives???

I backup that movie a long time ago with AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 and had no problems at all.

Well, I’ve read that CloneDVD is the better ripper. I’m just supprised that the AnyDVD / Shrink / Recode didn’t work with a 4 year old disc.