Jedi powers aren't working

hello this is my first post here hope to have many more!!!

so here is my situation…

have jedi academy game, and when i bought it, i made a copy with nero express (not alchohol or anything… i don’t get them lol) as a backup. good thing too, becuz now i lost the original discs!!! but now i am screwed, bucuz i reinstalled the game and as i soon learned copy protection wont let me play!!! i used clony xxl to identify that the game is protected by securom 4.8xxx and so i tried to use unsecurom nt edition (i have xp home) and it didn’t work!!! iot said that the games exe file/s weren’t securom protected!!! how do i play the game now?? i want to so bad and i can’t… please help me!!! remember i don’t have the original discs and i don’t wanna spend the money on a new game so please help me!!!

ok… try downloading alcohol and make a mini-image, then download it to a virtual drive… that will emulate securcom… not sure if it will do it without protection first though…

woh woh woh woh woh step by step please lol… where do i get alcohol? (besides i thought it was a trial software untill you bought it…) i really don’t wanna gum up my computer with all this crap about emulation and crud like that… i just wanna play the game!!! can i somehow kill the securom? remove it? i own the game i just wanna kill the the protection so i can play it again!!! thanks for anyhelp!!!

This thread will probably be closed because of this. :cop:

why will it be closed? wtf

The Nero-copied discs aren’t copy protected. They’re just not working backups. Buy the game next time and you won’t run into these problems.