Jedi Knight Academy

Hi everyone am having a hard time with this one anyhelp would be nice!

I own jedi knight academy and am a register user of clone cd and blindwrite

I did not use clonecd with the twinpeak method i tried blindwrite i’ve read the game with my liteon 52x24x52 at 4 speed then created a bWA file at 2x speed then i burned the game at 4x but no go game does not work!

thank you for any help!

Oh i believe tha game is the latest securom

i dunno too but it is lastes securom,


I did a backup at x52 speed with blindwrite 5 at the first try. in france it is safedisk I think ( but not sure )

i would suggest you go download blindwrite the new version

this is tutorial for securom games …that are 4.8 above …

this is not for securom below 4.7 cause it is totally different … remember that

also make sure you have latest firmware for your burner


make folder on desktop label it image


open up blindwrite
go into blindread [cd to hard drive ]
then go into general settings uncheck everything …then next
then go into dump image
pick your burner from top
then go to where it says main image file
click on the " … "
browse out to the folder on desktop called image and then hit open
now hit next
okay next screen
make sure nibble has mark by it
check adapt speed …min is 1x …max is max
check eject cd
hit read

[ at this point you may or may not get ecc/ecd errors …tht is protection dont worry bout that …also it will go slow by protection and then speed up . this process all depends on how fast burner is and how good ]

then it will ask to extract bwa well i would not cause i download most of mine … so just hit no

after this is done hit quit … yes i said quit

now you need to go on internet and download a bwa file … I will not tell you where to find these cause lots of sites …

put the bwa file in the same folder on desktop called image
make sure the bwa file is the name …so if image is


then name the bwa file

put in blank cd in drive

okay now go back and open blindwrite
go to blindwrite [ hard drive to cd rom ]
go to blindwrite config
okay uncheck all here …
now just check autoplay and eject cd
[now sometimes you dont have to check autoplay …depends on cd burner . I would go ahead and check it …also you can try without but that is okay too … autoplay hides atip so you can play in burners that is why I do this … ]
okay now hit next
now go to start cd write
now top drop down pick your burner
hit next
next screen hit the folder and browse out to your folder that contains image … it is on desktop called image remember
hit next
this is where we verify image
click start
we are looking for image is good and use dao pw or pq
sometimes you will get image is good and this need special attention that is okay … also sometimes say enhance weak sectors but most of the time that is not true …this is totally burner dependant …

okay now we know image is good click next
okay here
writing mode to be dao pw and speed max …
now hit go …it will ask to use bwa file and say okay cause remember we downloaded it … so there ya go …after it is done it should play

also remember we used autoplay

so if you play on your machine that has blindwrite then it will play
if you unistall blindwrite or use on another machine you need to put on stand alone autoplay client …

there you go instructions

cheers …

The ASIA-Pacific version uses Safedisc 2.90.040

Blindwrite should handle this provided your writer is up to it.

hmmmmmm my copy is securom as mentioned above …i live in the states …kentucky to be exact …

Does anyone can help me to get bwa for Jedi Academy?
I have one released by Cyclone but it doesn’t work

why not make your own ??? you just need to go to bwa builder with the disc in your drive and first question you hit yes …and then set the speed to 4x and let blindwrite do it job… that is easiest way …

i did though do search and bwa file is not out there yet … so hey be first one to make a good one …what you want it a curve that is nice and smooth as possible … .

or you can wait til blindwrite 5 is out and does it automatically for you

The problem is I don’t have the original disk. Just an image

Then this forum can not help you cause that type of work is illegal and not discussed .

Originally posted by giovanni42104
hmmmmmm my copy is securom as mentioned above
This is not unusual. And thankyou

no problem future proof …like i said i respect you … you are a master jedi …and i am just a padwa in the burning world …

I used the good old 4.2.5 BW version worked like a charm!
It also worked with the twinpeak+clonecd method but i think i like the blindwrite way!

thx guys! :slight_smile:

Giovanni, you say:

>>now you need to go on internet and download a bwa file … I will not tell you where to find these cause lots of sites … <<

I can’t find a BWA file for Jedi Academy anywhere. Would you mind giving me a hint?

Say thanks to Bulk