Jedi Knight 3 - Uninstall CloneCD to get it running

Just a quick info message to let people know that I copied this game succussfully with alcohol but had to UNINSTALL CloneCD before the game would work. Not sure what kind of copy protection is on this game but it definitely checks to see if you have Clone installed. Looks like it’s time to try other software to make backups! Please feel free share any knowledge any of you may have on this.


SG :slight_smile:

Did you try to uninstall clonecd and reinstall it without the virtual drive? It may be the virtual drive is blacklisted but I think it’s very stupid (and illegal) to blacklist the whole program.


It’s protected with one of the more recent releases of securom and both clonecd’s virtual drive and hide cdr media are blacklisted.

The blacklist against the ccd virtual drive is effective if it is installed on the system even if not active. However, the blacklist against hide cdr media is only effective if hide cdr media is running.

If you want to run the game with ccd on your system, you need to unistall ccd and then do a custom re-install omitting the virtual drive component.

Once you’ve done that, you need to disable hide cdr media [note that this must be done from the tray icon and it isn’t sufficient to just close the tray icon; if you just close the tray icon without first disabling hide cdr media it will still be running].

I think for such reasons its worthwhile to get a cheap generic 52x or higher cd-rom just to serve as a reader. Those things never read ATIP and play any backup. I find from a previous setup that using Promise controller cards also somehow disrupt the process of checking ATIP info. To experiment I once set up an old Samsung burner I used to have, and off the IDE controller, it ran games it would not run under the motherboard IDE with no use of the CCD tray.

Also, does anyone have any references to program a Hiding ATIP Utility. CCD Tray itself is so tiny that its probably very little programming, even though it may be hard to program all the protocals correctly.

I did have CCD installed without the virtual drive and it still didn’t work also I tried enabling\disabling the atip info and that made no difference. Clony reported the protection as being SafeDisc 2.9 not Securom. I honestly believe that the CD is actually scanning to see if CCD is installed and if it is it won’t run. Having Alcohol on the system made no difference, the game ran as norm. I will probably be switching over to that anyway seeing as development for CCD has stopped.

Your right it is safedisk 2.9 and all games protected with this will not run if Clone CD is installed.

This is not a problem if you have alcohol and a safedisk 2.9 image will run fine from alcohol virtual drive :slight_smile:

From what I can make out, there seems to be different protection schemes on this release, depending on where you buy it! On different forums and reference lists I’ve seen both securom 4.84 (or whatever the latest one is) and also safedisk 2.90

I have an Asia/Pacific region version here (Australian) and it’s a Safedisk 2.90 as reported by clonyXXL 2015, and alcohol made a working image file under the safedisk 2.x settings.

Maybe it depends on the capabilities of the cd-rom mastering machines in different countries who have manufacturing licenses? Interesting anyway.

Protection used on this one varies according to country of release. Sorry for not pointing that out in my first post. :o

US release is securom; UK and Asia/Pacific (Oz) releases are safedisc 2.9; not sure about releases in various European countries other than UK.

Cheers guys for the all the infomation, but to summarise then, You cannot copy and run this game (UK Version) successfully without a crack, if you haven’t uninstalled CloneCD. :slight_smile:

The older version ( of clonecd without the virtual drive works just fine and dandy with SD 2.9 copies