Jedi Academy protection?

Here’s what I’ve figured out - I have 2 computers, one with a CD burner (D:) and a Virtual Drive (E:), and another with 2 CD drives (D: and E:). I have followed a couple different peoples suggestions on how to burn a working copy and all of them have worked - SORT OF. They work fine on the computer I burn them on, but when I take them to my other computer they didn’t work at first. That was because I had placed them in my E: drive which is a little bit faster than my D: drive. All I did was put the CD in the D: drive and it worked perfectly. However, I tried them in another computer I had with 2 HD’s which threw everything off (E: and F: for my CD drives), and even if i changed one CD drive to D: it wouldn’t work. So what I figure is that the second computer must be the same drive-letter-wise as the first computer.