Jedi Academy doesn't work even /w DL BWA file

I still can’t get a working copy of Jedi Academy even after downloading and using a BWA file. The multiplayer works fine, but not single player. I even tried GameCopyWorld files to remove the CD check, but those CD-check-removers report that my jasp.exe file size is non-standard. It is 2777 KB. Is there more than one CD type/protection type for the English version of Jedi Academy? Why does my jasp.exe file have a non-standard file size? Any ideas why it’s still not working?

Memorex 40MAXX
Lite-on LDW-401S (I have tried both of these burners, neither produces a working copy)

English version is safedisc 2.9 protected not securom. Bwa not required.

yeh thats true…i used mine to back it up and its fine.

youve backed it up wrong then.

check out this guide from giovanni42104

worked for me on battlefied,jedi academy and a few others.

you wont need a BWA file,just follow his guide and youll be fine

i also tried a memorex 40MAXX before,and found it to be a liteon drive,just rebadged.

at the worst case scenario,maybe your drives just cant do it.

i bought a samsung drive and it was total shite to try to get backups working on ,copying and playback.
took it back,got me a liteon 32speed writer,flashed it to 48xspeed,and its been fine ever since.
ill be so upset when it dies though,as its a great writer.

well thank you SR Muff glad i could help ya …and glad my little tutorial worked fine for ya … that is why I wrote it … just good to see someone actually using it …thanks …that is why I write them to help people

Protection ID reports the CD as using securom, but I can’t get any BWA file to work. I am thinking about getting a Plextor Premium burner to avoid this problem in the future.

now thats a strange thing…
i have the UK version of jedia academy,and the discs,are safedisc.
i dont think that they have changed the protection for european locales,im sure its just a difference in the US and UK(europe) versions.

anyway,did giovanni42104’s guide work or didnt you try it.

and yeah,your tutorial was good.
it worked for me several times,and i have it now "notepaded"for future reference.
once again ,thanks.


I tried Giovanni42104’s method with the following exceptions:

  1. I made a BWA file since the CD has securom. I also tried using a downloaded BWA file.

  2. I didn’t see where to check or uncheck “autoplay”. I didn’t see a setting for that.

Also, it didn’t seem to matter whether I selected “read subcodes” or “use alternate read method” (not supported by my burner). I tried it both ways, but I usually leave “read subcodes” checked since I figure the extra info won’t hurt anything.

Originally posted by dug
Protection ID reports the CD as using securom, but I can’t get any BWA file to work. I am thinking about getting a Plextor Premium burner to avoid this problem in the future.
Hey dug, what country are you in and what language is your version?

well to be honest if your game is securom …then that guide will not work for you … thta is just safedisc guide …

for securom here is how you would do it

i would suggest you go download blindwrite the new version

this is tutorial for securom games …that are 4.8 above …

make sure you have latest firmware for your burner


make folder on desktop label it image


open up blindwrite
go into blindread [cd to hard drive ]
then go into general settings uncheck everything …then next
then go into dump image
pick your burner from top
then go to where it says main image file
click on the " … "
browse out to the folder on desktop called image and then hit open
now hit next
okay next screen
make sure nibble has mark by it
check adapt speed …min is 1x …max is max
check eject cd
hit read

[ at this point you may or may not get ecc/ecd errors …tht is protection dont worry bout that …also it will go slow by protection and then speed up . this process all depends on how fast burner is and how good ]


then it will ask to extract bwa well hit yes …and then it should start and say set ending you want it automatically …and turn burn speed to 4x …then it hit start and it should run after that go ahead . Then you want to go to file and save it …save it the same name[jediacademy.bwa] as the program BWT image …and hit quit …yes I said quit

[since you had to make one for this game and it is not out yet …you are looking for a smooth …curve …4x should work fine but if it has alot of spikes then you may want to redo it by going to slower speed but 4x has always worked for me ]

if u have downloaded bwa file then just put the bwa file in the same folder on desktop with the image or if you made one still put it in the same folder as the image file …bwt file.

make sure the bwa file is the name …so if image is


then name the bwa file

put in blank cd in drive

okay now go back and open blindwrite
go to blindwrite [ hard drive to cd rom ]
go to blindwrite config
okay uncheck all here …
now just check autoplay and eject cd
[now sometimes you dont have to check autoplay …depends on cd burner . I would go ahead and check it …also you can try without but that is okay too … autoplay hides atip so you can play in burners that is why I do this … ]
okay now hit next
now go to start cd write
now top drop down pick your burner
hit next
next screen hit the folder and browse out to your folder that contains image … it is on desktop called image remember
hit next
this is where we verify image
click start
we are looking for image is good and use dao pw or pq
sometimes you will get image is good and this need special attention that is okay … also sometimes say enhance weak sectors but most of the time that is not true …this is totally burner dependant …

okay now we know image is good click next
okay here
writing mode to be dao pw and speed max …
now hit go …it will ask to use bwa file and say okay cause remember we downloaded it … so there ya go …after it is done it should play

also remember we used autoplay

so if you play on your machine that has blindwrite then it will play
if you unistall blindwrite or use on another machine you need to put on stand alone autoplay client …

there you go instructions

also if you had plex premium instructions still the same …but i know it is easier with plex …but you can do it with other drives if you drive is able to do this high of protection …

cheers …

its the only version that allowed me to copy jedi academy! I tried all other including the beta almost 5 one :slight_smile: no luck!

I have a lite0n 52x cdrw

The us version of Jedi Academy is securom 4.84 or something!

I am in the US, running US English version of Jedi Academy. Is there more than one protection type for US, or are the others all for Europe?

I already tried the method described by Giovanni, except I didn’t know about the autoplay setting, so I don’t know what it was set to. I am now running BW beta and most of the settings are automatic.

well the newest version is and it is all automatic …you dont need to know any settings …

Originally posted by DrQ

The us version of Jedi Academy is securom 4.84 or something!

Thx futureproof!

Long time no see hope everything is good

how can i by pass copy right protection on vhs tapes to copy to dvd