Jdobbs made a quick guide 101/2 sounds familiar!


Please stop it!You 've become really boring…:Z
jdobbs rules!

Yes hunk4004(male or female?) is getting boring but i think that he dosen’t express himself correctly giving the conception to others that he’s jeoulous or something. Well in some ways he’s right this is DVD2one’s official forum and the method!?! he started and someone else finished was concrete and that mr. jdobbs(with all respect applicated) took it to his forum and did a quick guide DVD2one’s 101-2 does seem to me that jdobbs did come to this forum looked around a bit, seen something that was possible and took it to doom9(no doubt togheter with Vcdhelp-the best in the sector!) and so forth, so it seems that jdobbs does wants the glory and not hunk4004(too bad he didn’t finish what he started!) it does seem that he knows his way about somewhat however and i personally feel this forum will dye if this continues because in no way it can compete with doom or vcd help!!!

This is my personal opinion and i mean no offense to anyone!!!

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I’ve changed my mind!!!
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If you look further into the DOOM9 forum you will also see this topic discussed almost a year ago. I wrote this guide in Notepad and then cut/pasted it here and at Doom9 (you’ll note they were posted on the same day).

Doom9 is the premiere video site for high-end users and you’ll find that it is the center (along with Oleg and VCDHELP) for all the professional video users. It covers a very wide range of professional level video software methods and techniques.

DVD2one, however, has extended the DVD backup scene to cover a wider audience – you don’t have to know anything about field based processing, 2:3 pulldown, or be the owner of DVD authoring software costing 10s of thousands of dollars to make it work.

This (Club CD Freaks) site seems to be focused at a broader group of newer users and is listed on the DVD2one site. That’s why I posted it here.

I also wanted to make the method available to as many people as possible.

I really wish some people could get past this who-shot-john garbage and post some more cool video stuff.