JBOD Question on Sil3114 controller



Hi everyone,
I recently moved an already formatted (quite full) HD to my sata sil3114 raid controller on my mobo.

Now everytime I boot up it throws up an error msg saying invalid device but then after a few seconds just boots into windows as normal with the HD and all its data being totally accessible.

I have been looking into fixing this problem by designating the disk as part of a JBOD set but what I was wondering was will this first erase all the data that’s on the HD?

I would rather live with the error msg than lose all the data so I am interested in knowing what will happen.


I’ve got 2 all ready formatted and partially full of data drives on my 3114, plus a S203b burner and it’s all set as JBOD’s . I think it just lets it know it’s a bunch of singles and not to try and make a raid set out of em. If your worried about it back it up or ghost it and give it a quick try. I’m pretty sure it wont actually change anything unless you tell it to make a raid set out of it. Plus it doesn’t waste extra time trying to find raid drive or loading things your not using.
I’m sure others who have better experience can jump in and tell you more or correct things.


Ah thanks for getting back to me.

So lets say I designate it as a JBOD and then afterwards I decide to move the drive off the raid controller and onto a normal sata controller - will the drive still be accessible as normal?

From what I gather from your post basically nothing is physically changed on the drive itself so there should be no problems moving it from PC to PC or controller to controller. Is this correct?

I would appreciate any insight anyone has! :slight_smile:


Should work without problems. Make sure you have checked the onboard controller BIOS settings and set it up correctly…


Not all RAID controllers handle JBOD the same way. Perhaps it would be a good idea to read the SIL manual before you risk your data. With some controllers, you cannot split a drive off of JBOD without losing data, and you cannot add a drive without losing data. Some controller handle it the same as RAID-0, except without striping.


Well as far as I can tell with my asus 3114 on this board it just acts like it’s just a drive connected to a regular controller, doesn’t seem to touch the data or change anything, just let’s it know how to see the drive. You might need to load the driver for it as well to make XP happy but still shouldn’t change anything about the drive. I had my two on the regular SATA controller before but needed the slots for 2 SATA burners that didn’t like being on the raid controller together, and these two are on ide to SATA adapters so they only do mode 1 not the faster 2/300 mode my newer drives that are native support.