JBL 600 DVD Player and NEC

I have a JBL 600 - 5 disc changer. I recently bought an NEC 2500a burner and tried backing up a couple movies using DVD X Copy. I have tried a Maxell +R disc. a Fuji -R and I tried a Fuji +R disc. I cannot get any of these discs to play on my JBL 5 disc changer. A friend gave me some burned Fuji DVD’s before which still play on my JBL. I am not sure which app he used to burn the DVD’s with but should that matter?
dvdrhelp.com lists that my JBL player is not able to play DVD -R & +R’s but one user wrote comments that his works fine with burned DVDs.
Is there anything I can do to help ensure that my burns play in my JBL DVD player?

From the title, I wondered whether you meant 600-disc DVD player. :bigsmile:

You can try free (almost) alternatives. I always go w/ DVD Decrypter > DVD Shrink > Nero (v5.10) > DVD+R (Fuji & Memorex). Plays on almost any player I put the backup in, even in a G4 super drive, aka Pioneer DVR-104.

You could give a firmware update a try, as these updates can drastically change the performance of your drive. Many firmwares can be downloaded from Herrie’s website. For more info on these NEC firmwares, visit our NEC forum.

What the media is concerned: it isn’t just the media that makes the quality (and thus readability), but also the writer and its firmware. It could well be that the same media work fine when written at another burner (though the 2500a is a very good burner, especially on the -R discs).