Jay and Silent Bob DVD

I was using DVD shrink to backup the dvd to my hardrive. If any of you know there are 2 discs. The first disc is the movie and the second disc is for special features. I backed up the movie from disc one and 2 music videos (because i got high/kick some ass) from disc 2 to my hardrive. So, that is 2 ISO files. I have no idea what program to use to burn both of these onto one cd. I tried dragging and dropping into DVD shrink, and after dropping the second one, it would replace it with the first one (meaning there is only one file) i also tried using DVD decrypter to do it, and it only lets you select one. So what I am asking is what program should I use to backup both of these onto a DVD-r?(they have allready been formatted so they can fir a 4.7 DVD)

You said you were trying to back up the movie onto a CD… that would result in a HUGE quality loss. Get some DVD media and back it up onto that.

No, I am backing it up to a blank DVD

With Nero Recode, you can use the “remake a dvd” feature to make one disk with titles from multiple disks. I don’t know about shrink, but everyone says they are similar as they were written by the same guy, so maybe shrink can do this too? With recode, though, it won’t peek into .iso files, so you’ll need to rip with DVDD in file mode or use IFObuster to extract the video_ts folders; or mount the disk images in a drive emulator. Hope it helps.