Java installing\updating


where can i see which java version i got?

do i need to update\install java , although IE didnt request it??

beside the security aspect does it helps in other things?

You can check if you have Java installed and which version here on the official Java site:

Alternatively, you can double-click the Java icon in the Control Panel and then click the About button to see which Java version you have; this will, however, not tell you if that is the latest version.

A default Java installation will check for updates with regular intervals and prompt you when updates are available, but this behaviour can be changed by the user.

I’m sure other things beside security is changed in Java updates, but the changes are probably mostly interesting for Java developers rather than users.

Java does not uninstall older versions, so make sure you do that manually. Before you uninstall it, make sure you some products do not require a special version.

[QUOTE=Mr. Belvedere;2544081]Java does not uninstall older versions, so make sure you do that manually.[/QUOTE] Some Java versions uninstall some other Java versions automatically and some others don’t - it’s difficult to predict, but in many cases you are right.