Java and Virtual Machine same thing?

my wife plays the games on
these games require java to be installed.
WinXp used to play these games fine for her until now.
i updated her computer with all the updates from Microsoft, and thats when the games stopped working.
always get an error saying java not installed or mismatch something like that.
from the info i got off Microsofts site is that they had to remove the java component.
but doesn’t Microsoft have there own java player called Virtual Machine or something like that?
reason im asking is because i got the games working for my wife by installing the java-plugin from the Sunsoft or whatever there called java site, but the performance is just brutal now, very slow loading and also the games run really slow.
or is it a problem with her computer?
any info on this would be great.
also a download location for Virtual Machine would be great, unless its the same as the java-plugin.

Yes the MS virtual machine is just MS’s version of Java. it’s odd that the Sun Java client didn’t work since their the ones who created Java unless that site tailored it’s java applets to MS’s in particular . (Incedently I’ve both the MS and Sun VM’s installed and never had any trouble)

Also one of the latest security updates on windows update disables the MS Java client if you install it, it’s in the fine print on the install. Sorry can’t remember which one as I read about it somewhere else.

You can download a copy of MS’s Java from the link below.

Download Link

Also after installing go into internet explorers “tools” and then “internet options” click “advanced” and scroll down to where is says Java and untick the box next to the sun one and leave the MS one ticked.

thx for the quick reply rocky.
tried your download link but that file says it only updates your current virtual machine.
i installed a different version of java from the Sun site, seems to work better for now.
might just wait til Microsoft releases a new update to fix this problem.

ms won’t be making any new versions of their virtual machine as part of their antitrust verdict. u’ll have to use sun’s if u want updated virtual machines.

use Mozilla ( or Firebird (

maybe u will have to download few plugins, but it works gr8.

thats the page with the proper link. you want the first one. if thats what you installed, then it might be something with how IE loads the classes. I am not sure how it does this, as i’ve converted to opera’s web browser.

Sorry that the link wasn’t the right one.

Try this page it has lots of various links to the versions of Java out.

Download Java Virtual Machine Links

MS Java
If you still didn’t have it yet! :wink:

thx for all the help guys.
i actually decided to format my wifes computer, it need a fresh install anyways.
installed SP1 and all the updates and everything working great.
SP1a was what caused the problem cause it removes the virtual machine and java software.
now when i use Windows Update i’ll just have to watch out that i don’t grab any updates that remove it all again.
thx all.