Jarhead & Second Command



Having problems backing up these two titles can anyone help Jarhead & Second Command?


We need alot more info than that. what’s your DVDRW? Latest firmware is? What version(s) of slysoft product(s) are you using? What region? The point in saying the latest will not do on this.

As for Jarhead I did this no problems when it first came out. There is a error log within anydvd you can use that as well to post the problem(s).


@ adam_derry,

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Unfortunately you have provided absolutely no information as to exactly what is happening to prevent you from making backup copy of your Jarhead & Second Command Commercial DVD Movie Titles.

Provide the [B]Name(s)[/B] and [B]Version(s)[/B] of the software programs you are using in your attempt to make backup copy of Jarhead & Second Command Commercial DVD Movie Titles.

Provide any [B]Error Code(s)[/B] and exact complete [B]Error Narrative(s)[/B] you receive when you experience your problem.

Provide any amplifying information that might provide additional pertinent information. The more information you provide will assist Forum Members and allow them to provide meaningful assistance to you.

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Thanks for your help guys lets deal with the first movie Second Command the error am getting is (DVD Shrink Encounterted an error cannot countine invalid DVD navigation struructure) my DVDRW is a philips DVDR 1628p1 Q1.1 am using DVD Shrink and ANYDVD 5.9.61


@ adam_derry,

Have you attempted to use the “Any DVD Ripper” function in the AnyDVD software program?

Activate the AnyDVD software program and “Right” click on the Red Fox Icon located in lower right hand task bar. When the popup menu appears select “Rip Video-DVD To HardDisk” and proceed with the on screen prompts.

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Yes, this sounds like an error that was recently discussed as being fixable by the AnyDVD ripper (actually the FixVTS portion of it). If you already have it ripped to the HD, you can try just running it through FixVTS then opening it in Shrink.


ther are no know problems with these 2 titles
it is just more WNP


@ zaq,

In many CD Freaks Forum postings you have stated “more WNP”.

For the uninformed (me included) could you decipher exactly what WNP means?

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WNP = weird newbie problems :slight_smile:
the weird refers to the problem

ANS = another newbie scam
when trying to scam SS reg info in some form or another

hope that clears it up :wink:
I think one member preferred what’s new pussycat


And pray “SS reg info” means what. Ezcuse me, trying to read and learn but mnemonics make it quite hard.


since this is the anydvd forum (a slysoft product), it means Slysoft registration Info


I copied Jarhead and 2nd Commander with ANYDVD with CLONEDVD2 without any issues…