Japan's Blu-ray Recorder market growing



I just posted the article Japan’s Blu-ray Recorder market growing.

Shipments of Blu-ray recorders have increased in Japan to 122,000 units in June, up from 82,000 units shipped in May. This marks the first time that unit shipments have exceeded the 100,000 mark in a…

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Hell Yeah!!!


I have on-line backup (Carbonite) so I don’t have any use for overpriced blank Blu-ray disks for that purpose. If I actually owned any Blu-ray movies (I only rent them currently) that I wanted to back up, I might, but only if the disks came down significantly in price.
I haven’t seen any movies at the theaters in the last couple of years that I would want to see more than once. If I did, it would be cheaper for my wife and me to go back to the theater and pay two more admissions than it would be to buy a blank Blu-ray disk. If it was no longer playing at the theater, I might rent it. Usually, by that time, the desire to see a movie a second or greater time has dissipated.


Anybody idiotic enough to buy a blu-ray recorder needs to visit a brain implant specialist (to actually put a brain into their head). Hard-drives people - HARD DRIVES.


“Blu-ray recorders are the only option for Japanese consumers that are looking for a standalone unit, as read-only Blu-ray players are not generally available.”

Well, then of course the recorder market is growing- how else can you playback a BR movie in Japan, other than with a PS3?

I guess the real question is - why aren’t there any BR players for sale in Japan? I find this rather odd…

“Would you buy a Blu-ray recorder if they were made available”

I would not be able to justify something like this, due to the simple fact that a HDDVR blows the Bluray “solution” out of the water. With the recent ability to add an external HDD to my 99 dollar Dish HDDVR - which is also a reciever, I can watch a program whilst recording another, pause live HD TV or even record two programs at once, playback one while recording another whilst watching live HDTV and have unlimited cheap storage possibility etc.

The Bluray recorder can’t hold a candle to this kind of tech and it is way more expensive and also way less convenient. I don’t want to shell out for discs and then have to juggle them around, label them etc. It’s not worth the hassle.

“The jump in units is attributed to the Blu-ray formats increasing growth, the anticipated pay out of Japanese mid-year bonuses and increased demand due to the Olympic games occurring in August.”

If the Japanese ( or the dimwit that wrote this original article ) thinks that the Olympics is a justification for a Bluray recorder, then they need to pull their heads out of their collective asses - because they need air! An HDDVR is the ideal solution for recording the Olympics. It’s all about time shifting anyway. And zapping commercials… Not long term storage.


Well the poster seems to miss the fact that almost all if not all Blu-ray recorders here in Japan come with internal HDD. Bluray is only included to store Movies you want to keep for the future. Also I dont see the reason in buying a Blu-ray player since with recorders you can do so much more things than just watch Blu-ray movies.


“Well the poster seems to miss the fact that almost all if not all Blu-ray recorders here in Japan come with internal HDD.”

Well … whoop de freakin’ do for Japan!

Look, the only thing you can “do more” with a Blu ray recorder and a HDD than play movies - is record TV shows, period paragraph. So how much does it set you back for all this versatility? 5 - 600 bucks? Don’t forget your HDCP HDMI display to go along with it, or it’s downrez city my friend!

Plus, good luck finding something on TV that you want to “archive” for the price of a 20 dollar disc and by the way, it will come on again in about 3 to 4 hours anyway…at least that’s the way it is in the US.

Again, to me- and this is just me… the BEST thing about recording TV is nuking the commercials and time-shifting. In the US there are soooo many commercials, that you cannot watch live TV. I can watch the Daily Show - sans commercials at 6pm if I want, then I can delete it from my HDD.

The point I am trying to make, is I can do all that and more on a $99 dollar HD recorder with a built in HD receiver. If I had so much stuff on it that I needed more space, I can simply plug in an external drive for pennies a megabyte.

Therefore- I cannot justify this Blu-ray tech at my house, not until it drops into the same solar price system, DVD is dead and I have no choice left.

I also just didn’t fall off a turnip wagon, and I KNOW that once Blu-ray gets a good enough foothold to kill DVD- they are going to launch a DRM hell that will hamstring every consumer and rob them of their Fair Use rights. I guarantee you will have to have an Internet connection and give them everything they want including your credit card number and jock size, just to see an alternate ending…


True Sony haters here, wow.


Japan <> rest of the world. Blu-ray is a failure everywhere else.


Well Japan is doing the switch to digital terrestrial TV in 2011. So all new TV sets being sold for the last 2 years are all (HDCP HDMI enabled) High-Def LCD or Plasma TVs. So this problem is kind of solved.

Also on JP TV if you dont have rather expensive pay per view Satelite or Cable (over 20US$/month and then some channels even charge you 4 to7US$ per movie extra) you wont see the same movie all 2 to 3 hours like in the US so if a good movie is on and you want to keep it you record it to DVD or Bluray from HDD.

I agree about recording shows to watch them later because of the adds they send. Over here all 15 minutes there is a 2 minutes break for adds on the TV and that sucks!

I myself like to record all shows and movies i want to watch to HDD to be able to zip the adds and then if i have some movies i like to keep i copy them to DVD (only have a DVD recorder) without the commercial adds. Also i can watch the progs with 1.3x speed if i like and for most shows that is enough…lol.

Concerning the price of Bluray the discs are now at about 4 to 7US$ according to the brand. For -RE its about 10US$ which is still too expensive (at least for me). But then if you want to rent a movie here in JP it costs at least 4US$ per movie which is also not cheap (for new releases its 4US for same day return and for the others its around 5US$ for 7 nights). So copying movies i rent to DVD (which is allowed in JP) or record something to Bluray or DVD from free TV the price difference isnt that big.That is if there is something i really want to keep.


Nice to hear a point of view from someone actually in Japan, thanks koba.


“I agree about recording shows to watch them later because of the adds they send. Over here all 15 minutes there is a 2 minutes break for adds on the TV and that sucks!”

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Dude! You have it made. In the US, they are allowed 8 minutes of commercials per 30 minutes of programming. In other words, for each 10 hour block, there are 3 hours of ads. This of course does not include “product placement” which has gotten really bad on TV. For instance, a sitcom can be written in such a way that the characters have to talk about a movie during the show. Perhaps they will be standing in line at a theater and discussing it etc. Writers have threatened to quit due to the over the top pressure to work in ads into their shows. Not to mention they crank the volume up to where it about blows you eardrums out when they go to commercial.


I think I’m over needing to keep movies, but for the few things I’d like to have, I think harddrive is the way to go. But if you use something like Carbonite, the question is then how to get it from backup server to your tv, especially when you want it NOW.