Japanese TV shows!

As we all know, japan has the wackiest and strangest TV-shows around. So of course it is of essence to have a japanese-tv-showoff-thread!

I start off with this clip of the library game

OMG … what a game … thats so hysterical funny and that last round that the old man walk in … HAHAHA man did I laugh … best thing I have seen in ages :bigsmile: :bow:

I`ll try to dig up som funny japanish stuff to.

I wonder how the planning meeting at the production company went.
Writer: "I have it now! ‘Old man bites gently!’ AWESOME!"
Production director: "You, promotion-san, hai!"
Writer: “AWESOME!”

Japanish music :confused: … so nuts

Japanish Song

Okei … here it comes … NSFW :rolleyes: ore at home … that is if your a man that is … SS may what to see this strange Japanish Ad for god knows what … http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBc3t8z5dWg

Super low budget reality TV!

Attention! I found the cool all time website!

BUMP for benefit of all!

Today it’s cooking with Ms Cute. Or rather eating. Competitive eating. And her name is apparently Natsuko Sone

Now the best thing about this clip is the editing. I want bubbles, bings and pongs and screeches on my tv too. It’s TV on LSD, welcome to Japan.