Japanese successfully test first 8K broadcast – bye bye 4K?

We’ve just posted the following news: Japanese successfully test first 8K broadcast – bye bye 4K?[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2014/01/myce-nhk-8k-broadcast-95x75.jpeg[/newsimage]

Engineers of the Japanese public broadcasting service NHK have successfully broadcasted 8K content over the air.

            Read the full article here: [http://www.myce.com/news/japanese-successfully-test-first-8k-broadcast-bye-bye-4k-70243/](http://www.myce.com/news/japanese-successfully-test-first-8k-broadcast-bye-bye-4k-70243/)

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I’ll be more than happy to have a 4K TV in 2020 and watch the Olympics in 4K.

At this rate we’re probably better holding out for 16K then! :slight_smile:


4K TV’s arent even that expensive:


Click on the 39 inch. :cool:

vroom, won’t you be happier to have an 8K TV and watch in 8K as they are planning ?
Bring it ON ! 130" 8K TV and 32 channel surround sound. BOOM! :slight_smile:

Ya know, 85 Mbit for an 8K stream doesn’t seem that unreasonable. Its higher than my cable company’s current transmission bandwidth but companies using fiber today (BELL in Canada for one) seem to have have the bandwidth to deliver that today.

[QUOTE=ivid;2717089]vroom, won’t you be happier to have an 8K TV and watch in 8K as they are planning ?
Bring it ON ! 130" 8K TV and 32 channel surround sound. BOOM! :)[/QUOTE]

Well, I live in Greece and so far we have only one free to air HD channel, so I would be more than happy to view the Olympics in 4K, if there is 8K it would be more than welcomed :bigsmile:.

If I were interested in the Olympics (I’m not, and I probably never will be), I’d be happy to watch in SD resolutions, though I would prefer not to watch on a CRT display.

We don’t even have universal 1080p broadcast content yet and 4K and 8K are already being pushed?

Jesterrace, it is unlikely anyone is going to bother with 1080p TV broadcasts if they aren’t doing it yet. In most cases 1080p broadcasts are movie channels at 24fps because it can be done with current SDI equipment and no need for 3G-SDI signals and equipment. But that is only broadcast over satellite, TV distributors (cable TV companies etc.) don’t have the bandwidth even for 1080p/24 without compromising their other broadcasts.
Its unlikely to become a reality because “true” 1080p 60fps broadcasts would need new hardware to transmit, new infrastructure supporting the bandwidth and new set top decoders at home. Considering its not a huge benefit over 1080i or 720p and incurs an ENORMOUS cost to implement, it doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for them to adopt it, specially with 4K coming so quickly.
The push to increase the bandwidth and adopt new infrastructure will come from 4K demand.
One example, BELL in Canada now offer service over fiber. They have the bandwidth to provide 4K and even 8K with this but don’t have the set top boxes for it yet.

“The video was compressed using the H.256 codec which resulted in a stream of 85 MBit/s”

It’s the H.265 codec.

Saw a Samsung 4K TV at Future Shop last Thursday. Just stunning!! Sharp picture and nice contrast and colours. I was looking for a 60" 1080p set, but I’m going to wait now.

4K will bring porn to a hole new level. < see what I did there? :slight_smile:

One interesting use for 8K would be for viewing digital photographs, as 4K TVs still cannot show all the detail in photos with a resolution of over about 8.3 megapixel.

Then again, photos from most 8+ Megapixel cameraphones and basic point & shoots don’t look great even on a typical Full HD display, which can only show up to about 2.1 Megapixel natively.

As for broadcasting in 8K, I think the only advantage here would be for allowing consumers to crop the picture, e.g. watch their favourite footballer during a match or admire someone in the audience. :slight_smile: