Japanese studio has already adult content on Blu-ray

I just posted the article Japanese studio has already adult content on Blu-ray.

According to WesleyTech, it looks like despite all the reports of no adult films being available on Blu-ray, one Japanese film studio “Glayz” is already in the process of producing and…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12870-Japanese-studio-has-already-adult-content-on-Blu-ray.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/12870-Japanese-studio-has-already-adult-content-on-Blu-ray.html)

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If true, the simple notion that Sony would censor what content is allowed on the format should be enough for anyone to boycott them. If it is true that Sony will not allow adult content on blu ray in certain markets then that they are dictating what you are allowed to watch on your PS3 or blu ray player ! Do they care that 100 million + PS2s can play the worlds library of adult DVDs ?

What I find really funny is that most of the major replication plants in North America REFUSE to touch porn… not because Sony or anyone else threatens them, but because it is company policy. I know some major customers refuse to work with plants that manufacture porn, which is probably part of it. But I don’t believe that Sony is trying to censor the whole format of BluRay…more and more it’s looking like some kind of huge misunderstanding.

Hmm interesting, so it could just be specific company policy of the US locations that have Blu-ray disc manufacturing capability. However what about outsourcing Blu-ray production to another company? If US adult film companies can get their content manufactured at a company in Japan / Taiwan / China / Korea, then we might see Blu-ray porn in the US after all… (disclaimer: I do not know what companies or countries currently have Blu-ray disc manufacturing capability)

Could someone remind me again, one of the reasons to the downfall of beta back in the 80’s? My mind isn’t what it used to be…maybe too much pr0n or something… :g

No doubt perpetuated by those aligned with the HD-DVD camp …

“Vivid has begun releasing all adult DVD titles simultaneously on Blu-ray. That means about 1 titel per week www.homemediamagazine.com/breaking_article.cfm?article_id=12921 And at www.adultbluray.com there are already 96 Adult blu rays on sale but only one gay blu ray”