Japanese store offers HD DVD owner to swap with Blu-ray player



News: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/breakingnews/infotech/view/20080222-120562/Japanese-stores-taking-HD-DVD-off-shelves--officials

TOKYO – Major Japanese electronics stores have stopped selling HD DVD machines after their maker Toshiba conceded defeat to Sony’s Blu-ray in the battle to set the next-generation DVD standard.

As of Friday, six major Japanese electronics retailers – Yodobashi Camera, Kojima, Nojima, Edion, Best Denki and Joshin Denki – had suspended all sales of HD DVD, company officials said. The chains are in talks with Toshiba for the electronics giant to take back its stock either fully or partially.

Edion, which operates 1,000 stores across Japan under various names, announced an offer for any customer who bought HD DVD hardware from Toshiba to switch for a Blu-ray machine sold by Sony, Panasonic or Sharp. The offer is available only in March, with customers expected to pay any price difference if the Blu-ray machine was more expensive.