Japanese PlayStation.com will not offer PS3 - lack of supply

I just posted the article Japanese PlayStation.com will not offer PS3 - lack of supply.

 With the  launch of the much anticipated PS3 console just weeks away, it looks bad when  Sony's own e-commerce site (at least in Japan) will not be  able to accept orders or even pre-orders for...
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re the pants we say :S
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Why mention $600? The $500 version is perfectly capable to play Blu-Ray movies. Unlike the Xbox 360, where most people were “forced” to purchase the more expensive model, due to the fact that the lower one was severily lacking (not even a harddisk!), the PS3’s lower model is the correct choice, unless you want wireless connectivity. Furthermore, the PS3 lower model will sell in Japan at a significantly lower price than in the US. Something around $440, I believe.

i offer 1000$, e bay!!!

You are right johnzap. I went in and clarified this a bit and then added an Amazon link as well. :wink: Interestingly though, Amazon is not accepting pre-orders either! So just for giggles, I went ahead and gave them an email to “alert” me when you can place an order. They list Nov 17 as the launch date. Time will tell!
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whats with people expecting a hard drive in a console. there not needed, microsoft were clever and made one without a hard drive, so those who didn’t want it weren’t forced to buy it. so people were not “forced” to buy the expensive 360 at all cause a) it would have been that price anyways if all 360’s had a hard drive as standard and b) its hardly “severly lacking” as you put it just because its missing a hard drive. the ps3 is lacking in everything, most notably a decent processor to run the games on. yes it may sell for $440 in japan…do you live in japan and are able to take advantage of this price? answer is probably no so you’ll have to pay the $600 like everyone else.

be patient…as far as i know, there isn’t any great exclusive games at the launch. sony is playing games with small quality to boost the hypes imho when the supply gets better, you will be able to buy it no more than list price + there will be better games only thing that interests me is the linux part of ps3; i still don’t know whether linux will be preinstalled & how open it will be because cell is a stream processor, it will be great to convert my dvds to ratdvd or mpeg4 formats over the network (gigabit network supported, right?)

HAHA…People are stupid if they buy the first batch of consoles. First, the stores gouge you with the package deals. Second, there are more of the expensive packages because they cost more…Duhhhh!. Third, the first generation consoles have the most problems. Fourth, the demand is high so they put a hefty price on the product. Pretty sad if people cant figure it out.

For those that shop around & are very patient, you can find killer deals on the XBOX360. I got the Deluxe Model with Remote for $325 & free shipping @ Amazon, in January.

Actually hard drives are desperately needed in consoles, unfortunately they are not used they way they should, to cache data and enhance performance & load times. Shame on MS for making the core system without a drive because now the developers can’t assume its always there. And I really don’t understand why the 360 drive is only a pitiful 20 GB on the premium systyem in a time when 160 GB drives cost $75 !!

Err…consoles aren’t consoles anymore. They’re overpriced premium mini pc’s. I’m suprised Sony didn’t decide to delay PS3 launch until Nov 2007. I guess the prediction was right. Redmond wins this generation of console launching. Now all the PS3 fanboys are going to cry. :c