Japanese music labels want iPod tax

I just posted the article Japanese music labels want iPod tax.

 Steve  Jobs may have stirred up a hornets nest when he accused music labels of being  greedy. It is being reported today that in Japan, the music labels there are  requesting a 2 to 5 percent...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10977-Japanese-music-labels-want-iPod-tax.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/10977-Japanese-music-labels-want-iPod-tax.html)

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Compensate for losses?!!! WHAT losses? Does anyone even remotely buy that?

Isn’t this akin to charge a tax to shop owners for theft of merchandise.

What if the artist would directly publish their songs @ ituns shop, so there won’t be any sucking label :smiley:

All I see is that someone said “there’s money in this direction, let’s stick our hand under that faucet.” Nothing to do with losses, everything to do with chasing the buck/yen/quid.

This is akin to the oil companies saying they want a cut from every car sold. It is pure gr33d and nothing more. I hope Apple tells them to stuff it, because if they do not it could turn the tide over here in North America. The evil empire would see this as a go, and probably refuse Apple a contract renewal until they get a slice of the pie as well. I fear for the day when this happens, for prices will either increase, or the selection will drop from all those fake bands and only the real artists will be left, the independants!@. Hopefully Jobs will stick to his guns and make them realize he is the reason digital sales are going so good, and they should be thanking him, not threatenting him.

the arrogance just amazes. You support this behaviour every time you buy their product. These corporations need to be made a lot weaker very soon.