Japanese Labelgate Protection

There is a new Nami Tamaki CD coming out this month… however it is copy-protected with this “Labelgate” scheme. I hear you can’t use the CD at all on Mac computer, and to even play it on a PC you have to have a type of keycode… which you only have access you if you are in Japan. I’m mainly a Mac user, but I do own a PC too.

How can I go about bypassing this copy-protection scheme so that I can rip the songs in any format or bit-rate that I may choose? Is it even possible to do this on a Mac? If not, what can I do to get this to work on a PC, any programs in particular that can rip a Labelgate CD or will the marker trick work?

Sorry for all the questions, but I have one more, what ever happened to the story that said Sony (who is making the CD that I wish to buy) is getting rid of copy control? http://slashdot.org/articles/04/09/30/2338234.shtml?tid=141&tid=126&tid=1 Did they decide against this course of action?

I’ve face some Location protection. sometimes use M$ applocale will be fine