Japanese FujiFilms getting hard to find (Taiyo Yuden)

I have noticed a decline in the number of Made in Japan FujiFilm recordable DVDs and CDs at my local BestBuy.

You may wish to stock up on these Taiyo Yuden made discs when they go on rebate before they are completely replaced by non-Japanese discs.

Welcome to 6 months ago :p, many (most?) of us have seen little if any TY Fuji for quite some time. I haven’t seen any for close to a year.

i hit up two best buys yesterday and found ONE pack. i win!

err…wait a minute

Here, the Fuji CDR has new packaging and is labelled as made in Malaysia. :eek:

Last TY CD-R i found was Memorex :eek: I got tired of looking for rebranded TY CD-R so i just ordered some from Rima and got printables this time.

Yeah, I saw that in an FYE last week… Who the heck produces out of Malaysia?

BenQ/Daxon… that’s the only company I can think of.

I used to buy Fuji TY DVD+R only but now have switched to MIJ Sony DVD+R which is TY of course.

I was at BB couple days ago and they had plenty of Fujifilm MIJ cd-r’s but want $17 USD for 50 pk. Will wait for sale on them. They also had plenty of Fujifilm DVD +r’s MIJ in $25 pk’s. Don’t recall the price though.

Same as me and the few Fuji TYs that I did find had spotting in the dye and I had to return them. :a That was almost a year ago. I’ve been sticking with rima ever since. Sure you can still find rebranded TY for a little bit cheaper during sales but taking the gamble and hoping that they are MIJ or that the name brand hasn’t whored itself out to another manufacturer just gets old. I always know what to expect from rima and their unbranded TY.

For me in the UK the best thing that ever happen was Fuiji switching to Ritek. One or two burns and I changed to Genuine Unbranded Taiyo Yuden and now nothing would get me to go back to Fuiji. Yes they were cheaper, much cheaper and they were good but not anywhere near as good as the real thing - Yuden 8X +R .

True - everytime i order from svp i think - Will i be lucky if i order Fuji? -And then i buy the safe stuff for a few more $/100 disc :smiley:

i found 3 50packas at best buy last week

only +rs the -rs were MIT so prodisc maybe?

if you are in us, try staples; they have fuji color 30pk 8x spindle for around 15usd; they are discontinued, so they could be cheaper. both +r/-r are available in my local store, but i heard some stores only had MIT

My local BB here also had one spindle of 100 Fuji MIJ when the sale was on last month. Everything else were MIT. Needless to say I grab the last one, and have been checking the store from time to time but all are still MIT. I’m happy with my Sony MIJ, and Staples carry both MIJ and MIT Sonys. When the Sony goes to MIT exclusively, which I hope doesn’t happen, I will have to go with unbranded TY for my blank media.

I used to buy Fuji TY DVD+R only but now have switched to MIJ Sony DVD+R which is TY of course.

Provided, of course, you are purchasing 8X DVD+Rs. The MIJ Sony 16X DVD+Rs are Sony, not Taiyo Yuden.

I found the Sam’s Club has Taiyo Yuden TY02 disks in the MIJ Sony 8X DVD+Rs 75 pack. The 75 pack is actually a 50 pack and a 25 pack that are shrink wrapped together. The price is very reasonable $25.73 - about 34 cents a disk.


Obviously, I would not order them on line - just to make sure that you don’t get MIT disks.

Not worth it man. 100 packs of -R of the unbranded TY media from www.rima.com are $32+shipping. 3 of those 30 packs would run $45+tax and that is still only 90 discs versus 100. You can easily get the -Rs for less than $40 shipped per 100 discs. My last shipment cost me $38.15 and that was before they dropped the prices on the discs by $1 per pack. Even the +Rs at $40+shipping per 100 would still be a couple of dollars cheaper.

Those 30 packs were pretty great when they were on sale for $8 or $9 a pop. 60 TYG02’s for under $20 made me pretty happy.