Japanese company offers LCD screens for car sun visors!

What the hell…I thought it was dangerous enough with cell phones to distract drivers. Imagine someone yakking away whilst watching a movie. :eek:

This product is nice looking, but, I just wonder about safety. At least in many areas of the US…such a gizmo is illegal. Maybe they wont work if the car is in gear…whatever.

From the I4U article: The Visor LCD monitor features a 9.2 inch wide-screen with 800x480px resolution. The visor LCD monitor provides a much better and more relaxed viewing experience in the front of the car compared to the middle console monitors.

In my opinion, that would make an excellent screen for GPS also, particularly since many GPS screens (especially the dash mounted ones) only typically have a 4" screen. :slight_smile:

However, for TV & movie viewing, I would imagine it being just as hazardous as a middle TV screen.

Yeah, it looks nice. I guess it would be good to use if you were waiting in a parked vehicle (for driver side)…I guess.

I don’t really care much for it.

The future for GPS is HUD’s, it’s really awesome. BMW and Merc has some out, very funky. I bet they’ll become common quite soon once they get into more middleclass cars.

Anyhoo, I do find it strange to see that we now have makeup-mirrors on the drivers side in new cars. Must be some EU-regulation, but I cant see how it’s safe in anyway. Those who are in need of makeup-mirrors (and blondes) are usually the worst drivers and having more distractions doesnt help.

Who are you calling prejudiced? :kiss: :disagree:

My personal favourite is Drivers reading the Sydney Morning Herald while driving down the freeway @ 110KM/h

The SMH newspaper sheets are HUGE.