Japanese channels?

I want to get about a half dozen or so specific Japanese channels in the US. Does anyone get any and what do you use? Some I want are Fuji, TBS, Samurai TV, WOWOW and SkyPerfect.

Start by contacting your cable or satellite provider and ask them, then try to find websites for the stations you are wanting to get. If all else fails, try searching your favorite search engine for what you are looking for.

Those particular channels only seem to broadcast from satellite within Japan, between the Japanese satellites 110E, 124E and 144E. Unfortunately the footprints for these satellites are quite tightly focused over Japan, which means that reception of these within the US would be virtually impossible, at least without living on the extreme west and have a humongous dish handy. :stuck_out_tongue:

The only satellite operater in the US that I’m aware of that offers Japanese TV is the Dish Network. They offer one channel called ‘TV Japan’ which consists of Japanese language programming. The channel is also free-to-air on 129W, however as transponder is on C-band, you will need a C-band dish and compatible digital receiver to pick up this channel.

It may be worth asking any cable operators in your area to see if they carry any Japanese TV. However, when it comes to satellite it looks like there is very little choice that I can come across.

Yea I have checked out the TV Japan from Dish and it doesn’t have what I want. I would get a big c-band dish for sure if I could get the channels I wanted but I am in FL so it sounds like I won’t pick them up.