Japanese Audio CD



I am a fan of japanese musci. I have lot of japanese cd audio. All them are copy protected. When I insert one in the PC, ANYDVD dont detect the protection. I know that cd has because it came with a warning sticker. Why ANYDVD dont detect the protection?


What’s the name of the japanese Audio CD your trying to copy?
And, have you tried copying it?
Try CloneCD from Slysoft that might help.


It is from artist Ayumi hamasaki, from Avex trax company. I can copy it. The problem is that after I copied it the copy protection cause that the cd make a weird sound when I play it in a cd player. So, the copy protection is still there.


Have you tried to extract the audio using exact audio copy? Don’t know if this will work or not. No idea why AnyDVD doesn’t work - but if you right click on the audio cd protection button it does say that it doesn’t work all all types of audio protection.


AnyDVD does not display Audio CD Protections in its info window. I have seen this with many protected Audio CDs myself. But AnyDVD did remove the protection for my CDs. However, I have not tried the CDs you mentioned…