Japan TTG02

While this media seems to be readily available in the states now, it appears that all of it is made in Taiwan by CMC. I know that made in Japan TTG02 exists because I’ve seen info on them on Japanese sites, so I was wondering if any CD Freaks outside the US (not counting Japan obviously) have managed to get their hands on any?

I haven’t, but was considering buying some TDK media, which have that media code. I then searched the forum, and there’s a few threads about these not being so good. So I have no idea what to do! :frowning:

Have you had any joy with them?

As far as I can tell, the Made in Taiwan TDK TTG02 8X DVD-R I got burn just fine on my 3500A. I know TDK are known for their great quality in dvd/cd medias and these are no exception.

DJSi well I haven’t been able to test them truly as the only burner I have at the moment is my Lite-On 812S, which isn’t exactly known for great DVD-R burns. It butchered the discs near the outer edge, but they seem to work fine with MCC02RG20 strat (which drops to 6x near the end of the disc). My PX-712A is currently on its way back to Plextor for RMA, so until it gets here most of my media is going to have to set idle.


I was thinking of the TTG01! Silly me!


http://www.cd-rmedia.co.uk/cgi-bin2/details.pl?id=tdkdvdrsp < So should I or should I not go for these?

I’m so confused :frowning:

TTG01 is 4x media, so something on that page is not right. You should contact them and find out if the discs are truly 8x or 4x.

TDK 8x dvd-r in Japan got 2 types.
one is TTG02, the other one is TYG02(taiyo yuden)

Is there any difference at all in the packaging between the TDK TTG02 and TYG02? It looks the same to me, based on pics I’ve seen online.

they all look the same :bigsmile:

TYG02 is more overspeedable.

btw, hav u seen TTH01?
i hav been trying looking for it

pic source:http://www.cdrinfo.com/Sections/Reviews/Specific.aspx?ArticleId=10711&PageId=10


Apparantly there is a way to tell the TYG02 TDK from the TTG02 TDK. I saw this line on one of the Japanese sites I frequent: 見分け方は、ケース側面がギザギザなら太陽誘電製で、ツルツルならTDK製。

I’m trying to decipher it right now, it has something to do with the appearance of the case. If it’s smooth it’s TDK, but I’m not sure what gizagiza means yet…

Gizagiza = notched or serrated, and he’s talking about the side view of the case. So that’s how to distinguish the two. I’m not sure if I’ve seen any jewel cases that are serrated on the side…

wtf, on the chart the TTG02 is said to be burned at 16x, I wonder what burner was used as the 3500A only burns it at 8X.

no. not TTG02, but TTH01, which until now i still dunno where they got that media :confused:

Take a closer look at the green line below the TTH01, TTG02 is shown as 16X.

oops…that was a mistake i guess :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

but since there is no timing given for 16x on tyg02, guess it failed the 16x test
afterall tyg02 works only 12x max on nec3500/tdk1616

strange, I kno the MCC01RG20 4X DVD-R can handle burning at 8X w/o problems on the 3500A so I guess that chart isn’t accurate.

yup. :bigsmile: the chart has been quite ‘messy’ IMO.

I wouldn’t mind trying a TTG02 at 16X.
I think the 3500A could handle it if the write strategy was available. :smiley: