Japan To Start 4K TV Broadcast In July 2014

The Japanese government is set to launch the world’s first 4K TV broadcast in July 2014, roughly two years ahead of schedule, to help stir demand for ultra high-definition televisions, the Asahi newspaper reported on Sunday without citing sources.

Link: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/01/27/us-japan-hdtv-idUSBRE90Q02520130127


How much are those 4K sets NOW? $80,000? $29,000? We were [I]THIS[/I] close from buying a baker’s dozen this week, too, but now that we can’t pick up Japanese transmissions for another year, maybe we’ll hold off.

I can’t wait to see those reruns of TAKESHI’S CASTLE in 4k!

Uh huh.

Yeah, that’s going to be fun trying to get that channel on Comcast. “Hello, I’d like the Japanese 4K TV channel”

“Sir, you have to contribute to 401K’s yourself”

“No, I mean the ultra-HDTV format, 4K”

“Comcast has the largest number of HDTV channels, more than Dish or FiOS”

“So do you have the Japanese 4K TV channel”

“Sir, why would we have a 4000 TV channel”

Angrily bangs phone receiver down

It does say broadcast. I wonder (since I live in the PNW, where Japanese Tsunami Garbage is finally arriving) how big an antenna I’d need. It only took about a year for the flotsam and jetsam to arrive. I imagine the 4K signal [S]wouldn’t[/S] [I]shouldn’t[/I] take quite that long…

(Still laughing at the 4K 401K phone call disasters. “Thanks for calling. We’ve just emptied your 401K account, sir, and changed your phone and ISP provider. For your protection, we’ve also changed your password. Call again any time.”)

Oly, that’s a good point. Have you been scouring the beaches, tryihg to calculate from which region of Japan the beach-debris comes from?

I mean, another earthquake-tsunami is inevitable for Japan. So, I’m thinking you MIGHT be able to find some of those antennas - heck, maybe even entire broadcast stations! - washed up on your PNW shores. Ya just need to know where to look!

I wonder if Japan will do like Pirate Radio, and put ships at-sea, broadcasting those signals. “We’re impervious to tsunami’s out here… but what’s that glowing cloud coming toward us?!!” as they shrink into nothing. Well, don’t worry - Grant Williams left us a very handy guide for this situation, way back in 1957. Heck, Lily Tomlin did,too!

What were those MXC guys’ names? They’d have a great skit based on Radioactive Tsunami sets, with or without 4K signals.

UHDTV is not 4k, 4k is clearly for Cinemas only…

And Eutelsat already transmitting UHDTV tests.