Japan plans Blu-ray copyright fees

[LEFT]According to the website Marketwatch.com our visitors from Japan are up to some extra expensive Blu-ray discs and recorders. The website reports that the Japanese goverment is planning to charge copyright fees on Blu-ray recorders and discs for recording TV shows. This would however mean that the manufacturers of these devices and discs would demand less strict digital TV content recording rules in return which would allow consumers to make up to nine copies of a TV show.

In Japan there is already a copyright royality on minidisks and DVD recorders but the Japanese govermenet has for now decided to not charge the royalities on sales of MP3 players and other devices that contain a hard disk drive for recording, which can also be used for storage of copyrighted content.


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We have the same dumb tax here in Sweden. :a

For a single layer DVD the tax is 0.68$ and a DL is 1.23$.

So to avoid that tax I’m ordering from another EU country and that makes me get the same discs with 63% price reduction (incl shipping costs) than if I bought them in Sweden.