Japan Disc Taps Ritek to Manufacture CD-R and DVD-R Media

Japan Disc announced it is targeting the business and institutional markets with a new line of blank CD-R and DVD-R discs manufactured by Ritek and employing Taiyo Yuden’s Media Identification (MID) code.

For more information visit: www.j-disc.com ; www.ritek.com

Translated press release follows:

As Legend with PRO series New high-quality CD-R / DVD-R released!

20th April 2018 — Japan Disk Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Eiji Ryusuma), Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd. and MID * licensed license Legend with PRO series of CD-R / DVD-R promising peace of mind and trust, making use of Japanese technology, concluding a contract It will be on sale from 20th June 2018. * MID: Abbreviation for media ID, required by drive recording device Media-specific identification information. If this MID is the same, it is determined as the same characteristic.

What is Legend with PRO ®
Legend with PRO series, Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd., Sony Corp., OB of Saruer Fountain Pen Co., Ltd. has cultivated with many years of experience It is the culmination of optical disc technology. From the standpoint of optical disc design, from the standpoint of materials, excess in terms of facilities and quality control Without knowing that know-how to the production contractor Rightech (Taiwan), Taiyo Yuden MID to tune up It is an optical disc that you can use with confidence. Its production line devised a distinction from conventional products of Litech Therefore, by establishing a dedicated manufacturing line for this series purpose and introducing Japanese quality control know-how, quality without compromise We succeeded in raising it to the level.

Main features

  1. Excellent recording characteristics Tuning not only material but also material preparation and material application process to Taiyo Yuden MID, it was made by the same company We finished it into an optical disk that can be used under the same recording conditions as optical disks.

  2. Excellent playback compatibility Regarding the reproduction characteristics as well, we finish it equally with the Taiyo Yuden optical disk, so it is superior in playback compatibility, with confidence It is an optical disc that you can use.

  3. Realization of low error rate A low error rate is realized in various systems, and it is optimum for business use.

Product Summary product name : Legend with PRO Series Business CD-R / DVD-R (Taiyo Yuden MID) Sales start date : June 20, 2018 Selling price : open price Linap : 100 types of CD-R / DVD-R each Bulk pack / 2 types of 50 sheets spindle pack Company Profile company name : Japan Disk Corporation http://www.j-disc.com/ Representative : Representative Director Eisuke Hishinuma location : No. 11, No. 6, Ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo 110-0005

Business contents : Recording optical disc development / manufacture / sale Capital : 40 million yen Inquiries : Tel: 03-3844-1644 FAX: 03-5827-4116 E-Mail: http: //www.j-disc.com/form/52

Domestic sales agent company name : Kuon Plus Co., Ltd. http://qonplus.co.jp/ Representative : Representative Director Takeshi Sakai Inquiries : Tel: 050-5243-6783 Fax: 042-522-4310 E-Mail: info@qonplus.co.jp

Overseas Sales Agent Company name: RITEK Corporation http://www.ritek.com.tw Address : Address: No. 42, Kuangfu N. Road, Hsin Chu Industrial Park 30351, Taiwan Contact : Tel: + 886-3-598 5696 Fax: + 886-3-696 0223

Company name: Advanced Media, Inc. http://www.ritekusa.com Address : 1440 Bridgegate Dr. Ste 370, Diamond Bar, CA 91765 USA Contact : Tel: + 1-909-861-2269 Fax: + 1-909-612-4258

Company name: Conrexx Technology BV http://www.conrexx.com Address : Keurmeesterstraat 24, 2984 BA Ridderkerk, The Netherlands Contact : Tel: + 31-180-441666 Fax: + 31-180-441667

Company name: Kunshan RITEK Trading Co. Ltd. http://www.ritek.com.cn Address : No.188, HuLai Road, KunShan Development Zone, KunShan City, Jiangsu Province, 215300, China Contact : Tel: + 86-0512-57358989 Fax: + 86-0512-57362006


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You can already buy them on eBay (and a number of online stores):

CD-R - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Legend-PRO-JVC-Taiyo-Yuden-TY-CD-R-48X-White-Inkjet-Hub-Printable-Blank-Disc/264127112488

DVD-R 16x - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Legend-PRO-JVC-Taiyo-Yuden-TY-DVD-R-16X-White-Inkjet-Hub-Printable-Blank-Disc/264127174338

From the scans posted so far CMC Pro has seemed to be decent for CD-R’s but I expect Ritek may have better quality control and less batch variation like with MIJ TY. I always liked RITEK P16 which supposedly used the Mitsubishi Azo dye and the quality was excellent but it turned out to be a very short-lived MID. It’s nice that now, 12 years later, we will once again be able to buy Ritek discs with the same dye (albeit a different MID) and it won’t be an MID lottery like back then. Looking forward to seeing the test results of these.

On the other hand, the obstacle for wider adoption of this media remains the same as with CMC Pro, namely lack of a consumer product and relatively high price. Regular consumers (the ones who buy media at Walgreens or Best Buy) do not have access to it and us enthusiasts can find genuine MIJ Taiyo Yuden at lower prices making this product only viable for professional use / duplication or otherwise where large quantities and distributor support is required.

Also… “Legend with PRO”… how hard is it really to get someone who is a native English speaker run past your product naming before releasing it to the worldwide market? :rolleyes:

Ritek have not the best reputation in this forum, especially because of RITEKG05.

But Ritek can produce very good quality if someone pays the price.

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I may have to be a guinea pig on this one. Ritek-made MXL RG04 is pretty decent so I have somewhat high hopes.

And old Ritek-made Ricohjpn R01, R02, and some batches of R03 also.

But these media was made long time ago and were not so cheap as 2day

Got my single 50-disc spindle of 16x printable discs today.

First off, these things SMELL. I mean, pungent. Almost made me sick. They definitely do not have that nice peachy TY fragrance :joy:

Second, they aren’t using TY stampers. Definitely looks like a Ritek numbering scheme to me.

On to the tests, then. First I tried a 16x burn on a 755UF with AutoStrategy disabled, to force the drive to use the default firmware strategy for TYG03 to see how the disc matched. As you can see, the drive switched to the 12x write strat fairly quickly, which seems to have been caused by a relatively minor PIF cluster. The PIE isn’t great at all but I’ve seen worse.

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Thank you for this info and scans :slight_smile:

The results looks good, IMHO

My 755 also sometimes shift the speed down to 12x or 8x if selected speed is 16x. And sometimes I don´t see a reason like high PIE.

Original Pioneer DVD-writers are one of the most sensitive drives, switching speed down often, but in the scan you see mostly (always?) that this behaviour is caused by high PIE.

BTW, all of my newer printable media smells awful if I open the cakeboxes first time. No matter if it is MCC from CMC/India, Umedisc, Falcon or Ritek. My much older Ritek and MAM-E, both Silver Printable is far away from this smell

Next up, I tested a disc with the ever-TY-loving Pioneer S16. Forgot to save the burn graph but as you can see from the error scans, full 16x was reached. PIE looks worse on this according to the Lite-On drive but PIF looks great, same as the Plextor burn.

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Scan of the 755 burn on a 716UF. It’s far more kind to the PIE levels, but the TA is worrisome.

And finally the Pioneer burn scanned on the 716UF. Beta/jitter and TA look great.