Japan And France Working On New SuperSonic Jet



Japan and France are jointly researching a new supersonic passenger plane to succeed the retired Concorde, but with up to three times as many seats and the potential to fly from Tokyo to New York in six hours, officials and reports said Wednesday.

Defense contractors and engineering companies from the two countries are expected to split an annual investment of about 200 million yen ($1.84 million) for research over the next three years to build the faster-than-sound plane, Japan’s Trade Ministry said in a statement. The agreement was signed at the Paris Air Show Tuesday.

Full Story Can Be Read @ MSNBC


I’ll have to fly to Tokyo first to go to New York in less than 9 hours.


Very interesting!
Tokyo to New York is 6760 miles.

New York to Los Angeles is 2462 miles.
This means a trip from New York to LA could be approximately 2 hours and 12 minutes. :slight_smile:


That’s about 10.8K km. 30x longer than between Inchon and Busan, end to end in South Korea. :bigsmile: 10 minutes from Busan to Osaka.