Jammie Thomas-Rasset looking for retrial

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Jammie Thomas-Rasset, who recently was fined $1.92 million for allegedly downloading and sharing 24 copyrighted music tracks over a popular peer-to-peer file sharing network, is seeking a new…

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Wow. I really don’t think that $80,000 per song is reasonable no matter how you look at it. I mean, seriously? $80,000? That is screwed up on many different levels. I’d really love to see how they justify that pricing…Is she really putting the recording artists out of that much money?

Ok so she distributed the material. The fines, if you ask me, are too outlandish. This reminds me of the lady spilling Mcdonalds coffee on her lap and sueing Mikey D’s for millions. This kind of ridiculously high awards are the main reason docters have to pay such high insurance prices that they pass along to us. I think $18000, even though still really high to me, is a more reasonable figure.