James Bond: The World Is Not Enough

I have recently purchased a new copy of The World Is Not Enough (re-released on March 28, 2006). Region 1. No scratches. I am able to successfully rip a copy to my hard disk using AnyDVD But if I select “Preserve Menus” in CloneDVD, CloneDVD will stop with this error message

E 15:43:31 Processing stopped: unexpected error
D Error details: Module 1 vobproperties.cpp 61 TCE

while it is processing menus in VIDEO_TS.VOB.

If I do not select “Preserve Menus” then the conversion is successful.

The VIDEO_TS.VOB is gigantic! It is 1.7 GIGAbytes! It contains about 10 short (2-3 minutes) videos that can be inserted into the film during play to give background information on some features of the film (if you click on a logo that appears on the screen while the film is playing). (The Matrix DVD did something similar.)

I am wondering if maybe this VIDEO_TS.VOB file has been intentionally corrupted in a file segment that hardware and software players will never access, but that a conversion program will have to try to convert (because a conversion program looks at everything).

I see (via google) that there is a history of problems with the VIDEO_TS.VOB file from this DVD, some reports going back to 2003. The reported problems are almost identical to mine. This cannot be a coincidence.

I have been able to hand-build a two-disk set that contains the first half and the second half of this film. But, of course, the chapter menu on the second disk does not function properly. It is not elegant, but it works.

But I am curious about what the problem might be.

Does anyone have enough technical expertise to understand what the problem might be … and if the problem might be intentional?

try to combine ur clone-dvd wth the anydvd and rip it all in ur hd drive that should work :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply! :smiley: But … been there … done that. Still have the same problem. :confused: AnyDVD seems to work fine when I rip to the hard drive: I can play ALL aspects of the DVD from the hard drive. But when I use CloneDVD to try to copy the ripped files back to a DVD disk, Clone DVD chokes on the VIDEO_TS.VOB file. :sad: Important note: CloneDVD will copy the ENTIRE DVD from the hard disk to the DVD disk (does not try to “convert/process” VIDEO_TS.VOB) but it will not copy selected chapters from the hard disk to the DVD disk (does try to “convert/process” VIDEO_TS.VOB). My DVD burner is only single-layer so I must either burn selected chapters or throw away selected VOB files so that it will fit on a single-layer DVD disk. Since I cannot successfully do the former (CloneDVD chokes), I have done the latter.