James Bond 007:nightfire PC

does anyone know where the james bond 007:nighfire save files are at?

i really need to know!!!

thanks for your help :slight_smile:

they’re not really savegames , it’s stored in the config.cfg

from what i’ve seen a

unbind all

in the first line will get you all the levels.

well i dont see a config.cfg file in tha nightfire directory!!!

cause recently i got alot of progress in this game and i saved em but when i went to launch the game the next day to play it… i had to go back to where it was ealier at in the game and i was not to happy about that…

any sugestions?

Thanks alot!!! your right there is a config.cfg file :slight_smile:

i just searched pc for config.cfg and bingo i found it :slight_smile:

but… there IS a “save” folder for james bond it is “hidden” deep in the “documents and settings”

A few games are now putting the save games in the My Documents area.
GTA3 and if i remember correctly Dungeon Seige have theres save files there (now an idea to look there if they are not in the game directory)