JAM Records brakes ground with 'Artist Bill Of Rights'

I just posted the article JAM Records brakes ground with ‘Artist Bill Of Rights’.

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What the hell? Hasn’t anyone seen MTV cribs. They have shows on TV about how these artists have like 5 $100,000 cars and 10 million dollar homes. I seen Eminems old house on TV last night and it was huge. If you were an artist, and you were poor, you could just sign a peice of paper and sell your own autograph. Their loaded. I don’t know where this artists have no money crap comes from.

I don’t know where this artists have no money crap comes from.
Well, i suppose you don’t if the only artists you listen to are Eminem, Britney Spears and the Backstreet Boys…

So, Guns N’ Roses, Aerosmith, Tool, Eric Clapton, and everyone other fucking hootie and the blowfish must be flat broke huh? Don’t fool yourself, they’re all richer then fuck and bitching about getting more money.

I mean, take the artists that say they get paid no money, and then honestly tell me you wouldn’t trade them houses, or cars.

Artists are the french poodles of the entertainment industry…pampered ponces…:7

Spoiled or not, this could still be a good thing. Being that the artist should stand to make more per album sold may very well encourage the artist to be more creative, rather than trying to make the catchiest, most digestable crap possible in order to make a living. Not all musicans can be an Eminem or Britney Spears. But then again, regardless of potential profits,those who care mostly about creativity and originality will still strive to be creative, and those who care more about fame will probably still go on making lame MTV-ish tripe.

chsbiking, u dunno any sh*t of the music industry. U mention artists that are indeed loaded, but believe me, most -even VERY famous ones- aren’t. I was signed to a medium-sized german record label and i can assure u that in these order (from most earning to smallest earning) money goes to: - record company - retail (yes: retail!!!) - if applicable: distributors - management - artist u must be a communist or so, blaming people who earn a lot with what they do. u are jealous too. :frowning: