JakX/Jak&Daxter Trillogy DVD

Since this community appreciates a freebie when it comes to ripping cds and movies, I figured you wouldn’t mind a copy of a free dvd movie either. This one’s for gamers, though. You’re familiar with Jak & Daxter, right? There have been 3 platformer games and a combat racing game, JakX, on the ps2 so far. This animated dvd is a collection of the storylines from the beginning to the current point in the Jak&Daxter history. There’s a demo for the JakX game included. The little orange dude, Daxter narrates the animated movie. He’s good for a laugh, so I’m expecting this disc to be fun to watch. If you’re interested, give it a go @ www.jakxdvd.com and enter the contest. The ps2 game JakX is pretty sick. And although it was released last year in October, It hooks up to the new PSP game, Daxter, to unlock some extras. Socom 3 and Socom Fireteam Bravo did the same. That’s a pretty neat feature. Anyway, enjoy.