Jak and Dexter DVD

Man i hope I win this contest at www.jakxdvd.com . I entered not that long ago when someone told me about the site. They have some pretty cool graphics and cutscenes from the DVD. I enter contest to much … the more you enter the more you win right?

Nah. I whould just buy it.

Ok, i entered the jakxdvd,com contest but then read that it ended june 30th. So im assuming its too late to win, but im a fand of the Jak & Daxter series and would like to have the DVD. Is it on sale? Its 90 minutes long and narrated by Daxter so it should be pretty funny, and i wouldnt mind owning it.

Yeah I don’t know. I would think since the site is still accepting registration for the contest it is still active. From the rules looks liek jakxdvd.com is giving away a lot of copies. I think you can only get the DVD from thsi site. IMO a collectors item :wink: