Jail for would-be pirates

Conspiracy to attempt to copy music or video | Life imprisonment without parole!. Armed Robbery, Kidnapping, Rape and Murder…mmm… guess not nearly as henious a crime in the USA!. Dupe your favorite game!.. Death Penalty! So glad I’m not American and I"m beginning to understand the dissent felt by its citizens and others around the world against the US Government.

I just posted the article Jail for would-be pirates.

 sidz used our news submit to tell us that people  that attempt to copy movies or music could face jail after new legislation was  put under proposal by the                           US          ...
Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11145-Jail-for-would-be-pirates.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/11145-Jail-for-would-be-pirates.html)

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why dont they save time just put everyone who owns a computer in jail then they would be able to spend their SPOILS from law-suits toward building NEW PRISONS to hold everyone but the again, you dont make any money while you are in prison, so you dont pay IRS taxes, so we can make 2 government controlled (watched over) groups to go bankrupt. prison system & IRS

So does this mean Andrew Lack, CEO of SONY BMG, goes to jail for illegal trespass, and piracy on over 568,000 computers hijacked with the SONY/XCP windows anti IPOD rootkit???:X

““This legislation is a reflection of the sustained commitment on the part of the Bush Administration, including the Department of Justice, to ensure that we are doing everything we can to combat this problem,” Mr Gonzales said in a press release [. . . ]” LOL this is the same man that dismissed Geneva conventions at Abu Ghraib, now, who would have thought he would go after US citizens too? That would be impossible! :d You get what you pay for, or in this particular case who you vote for… On a more serious note, the article doesn’t make a distinction between pirates, p2p users and legit users. Sure, I also think that people who illegaly copy and sell movies should be fined and sent to jail, however the article implies that I’m as a legal owner of a DVD can also sent to jail for making a backup copy of what I already own??? WTF? That’s as screwed up as it can be.

Have you noticed the Governement is slowly taking our rights away? No using cell phone in car, no smoking 30 feet from building, a fine if you don;t use your seat belt, and I can go on and on. This is getting crazy.:r

It seems Politicians and a HUGE percentage of the population in these countries have forgotten that politicians are PUBLIC SERVANTS…they work for YOU…time to remind them…:X

Actually, these are all good examples, you shouldn’t be talking on the cell phone while driving, you should wear your seatbelt and as for smoking, while it does not necessarily endanger my life, it sure is nasty.

The next Move is to use … …Green Napalm on the … …house of people suspected of Piracy.

What a wonderful world!!! yeahhh!!! If you don’t buy the copy protected stuff you don’t risk to be tempted… so, for the sake of your freedom, the next time you go to the shop think about it !!! Ah…no,no,no…you can’t take the stuff from someone else either…you could end up fried also, protect yourself. Note: this could be the end of it, no more piracy no more pressed garbage.

even if someone bombed both white house & capitol, i am not sure i will be sad after all these ridiculous bills i hear america became less than a great country with full of greedy bastards…well except me :wink:

:o Let’s be honest if you aren’t making illegal copies what have you to worry about. what is the saying “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.” which is to say yah your not happy because I am making illegal copies. So I hate this not yet purposed bill. Again this is hasn’t even been purposed and may never see the light of day. Yes and when another Hitler comes around it will be the Good ole USA bailing you nay sayers out so you can have your freedom to bad mouth our Country. So I guess most of the world sides side with Saddam and the Terrorist who are innocent people being bullied by the Oil hungary greedy Americans. Hmm ok Let Osama and Saddam be your next leaders and let 's see if you are complaining then. ok time to take a chill pill

It’s not about making illegal copies. It’s about fair use. If you buy a CD, and want to listen to it on a device that the companies don’t support (like an MPX device), then that’s illegal. If you want to play that DVD in Linux, then that’s illegal. If you want to back-up that copy of Age of Mythology because you have to leave the disk in the drive, and that means wear and tear, then you are breaking the law. If you watched last night’s episode of Lost and download it from where-ever, to watch it again, then that’s illegal too. These are absolutely victimless “crimes” only because the laws made violate fair-use. Also, something people outside the US don’t seem to understand that the citizens (aka “the people”) of the US don’t have any say in the laws being passed. Bills are created and “items” are added in which have nothing to do with the bills (so a bill regarding Increasing Farm Subsidies will usually have a few dozen “items” tacked on in the special interests of lobbying groups like the RIAA which have nothing to Farm Subsidies). So politicians in the US can only vote FOR or against the entire bill (warts and all). The people never get a say, and don’t usually even get to see or hear about each bill and each teensy item. Most “people” in the US would be vehemently AGAINST the laws being passed if they knew about them, and had a say.

The Bush regime is reminding me more and more of Hitler and the Nazis.

Actually, considering the entertainment industry is so anti-Bush, I think that attaching his name to this is just another attempt to get people against him. Michael Moore already proved you can just make anything up and most of you liberals are blinded enough by hate to believe it.

yes as American citizens we are losing our rights, rather quickly too. It won’t be long before if you oppose something you will be taken care of. As for Andrew Lack, CEO of SONY BMG, and piracy on over 568,000 computers hijacked with the SONY/XCP windows anti IPOD rootkit. That is no different than a hacker and there are laws in effect for that and SONY should be Prosecuted… There should be a class action lawsuit against SONY and Andrew Lack should go to prison. If a smaller company did that they would be sued and the CEO would go to prison. And for the guy who wants to copy a game, what’s the big deal if it is only for his own personal use. It’s not like he is mass producing it and selling it such as China does. I don’t see SONY going after China. China commits more piracy in 1 day than probably all the people in the US who might want to backup their game CD. The music CD and converting it to other forms of media sounds like a greedy joke. Selling you a music CD isn’t enough. If you want it in other forms such as a mp3 for an IPOD, they want to sell it to us, so how many times will someone buy the same music in different forms? If the hdd dies on the IPOD are you going to re-purchase all the music that was on it? Copyright laws should be in place but this sounds more like a greed issue then a copyright issue.

Unfortunately, the Bush administration IS passing the laws the recording industry wants. (Bush appointed Gonzalez, remember?) But don’t think the dems would be any better. After all, it was Clinton who signed the DMCA into law.

It is so darn funny how people think!!! These companies are huge, they are greedy and only want more. The fact is that we have the right to be able to back up any data that we have bought, they are not suppose to be allowed to extract from that! When they can get their foot in the door we have lost the battle, well we have lost that battle because their foot is in the door, but let’s not lose the war. The war has not been lost until the last man or woman are standing. It is a real shame that we have allowed things to get as far as they have. For example take a look at the 16th ammendment to the US Constitution, before it was in place the government was under control, the people were the government, now they walk all over us. “The Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states, and without regard to any census or enumeration.” Read that statement please. Can you believe that we allowed this to happen to ourselves? That sounds like the Mafia to me. We are allowing the government to take every last right we have and hand it over to them. By them I mean to them, the people we pay to run the government get paid hand over fist, by their so called income and the companies pay them to vote in their direction. People wake up and smell the roses, stand up for our rights, because if you don’t, who will? It won’t be the politicians when they benefit from out demise. Those of you who boo hoo over these companies right to make more and more money, think about that every time prices increase. Remember when we could go to the theatre and watch a movie for a few dollars? Remember when cable TV was about $20.00 a month? They have everyone fooled into believing they are taking losses. They aren’t losing, we are. They make it difficult to just get by from day to day with these outrageous prices on everything. My goodness think about what’s going on here. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer. There are only a handful of people that own all of these companies in comparison to how many people there are in this world. Who own the stocks in these companies? The rich. They take our jobs overseas because they can pay them a quarter instead of us a decent wage to live on, so what do we have left? Maybe a McDonalds job so we can say hello may I take your order to the people vacationing here with our dollars? They will never ever have enough money if we just keep handing it to them. How many people can send their children to college? How many families need to have 2 incomes just to make it from month to month? Most people are a month from being homeless if we lost our jobs tomorrow. You think they care about us and where we are going to sleep next month? No way!!! Our president is giving all our money away as I am writing this message, you think that he isn’t profiting from it? Of course he is. His friend over here and over there gets this job and that job, and he gets his cut. If we don’t stand up and say wait a second what’s going on here, we are not going to have anything left at all soon. I can’t believe that we aren’t in the middle of a Revolution yet, because it is going to happen it’s just a matter of time when the working class are going to be tired of paying for the lazy class. The working class pays for everything while the lazy class do not. And the rich, yes the rich, they have their yachts and limosines, and ferraris to write off his taxes at the end of the year because they had to have it to impress another client in order to get this contract or that contract. Pretty soon if not already, there will be no middle class. There will only be the have’s and the have nots.