Jack Thompson Suspended Psychologically Tested

Every time we posted news about a new Jack Thompson law suit against a popular game, we received plenty of user feedback calling him an “attention freak” and asking us not to aid in his “sick publicity plans” by publishing news about him. Our readers might have used more “vivid” descriptions for Jack Thompson rather than the aforementioned “attention freak”, but they certainly asked us not to post any more news about him. And we actually have considered that several times. But not this time around.

This time, Thompson has been ordered by the Florida Bar to undergo psychological testing, as well as a 91-day suspension of his law license. According to an email he sent to GamePolitics.com, Thompson declared that mediation talks between he and the Bar did not go quite how he would have liked:

"Mediation failed today because there was no mediation whatsoever [Florida Bar official] Ms. Tuma not only did not move off her [suspension] demand one iota, not one smidgen, but she instead upped her demand by requiring that Thompson undergo a battery of psychological tests as part of the fabulous deal The Bar offered him.

Ms. Tuma [sic] last demand going into the mediation was a 91-day suspension, and she opened and ended with that and a shrink’s couch. This is bad faith …
This “mediation” was a charade… Finally, [Thompson] requests a status conference herein as soon as possible so that we can… shut this Star Chamber down. Thompson is not the one who needs a psych evaluation", said Jack Thompson in his email.

Hahahaha Jack is going down into a burnin ring of fire :bigsmile:

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I wonder if any violent game fans have made a “Jack Thompson” mod for any 1st person shooter games …

It’s idealistic fascist fools like this that caused the Crusade & the animosity between Islam & Christianity in the first place.

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