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Being a rookie on this website let me start with what must be a simple question to more experienced users - I have downloaded a DVD movie to my harddrive as a IXB file (through Ulead software). IXB file is 7 odd GB and as such won’t fit on standard disc. What can I use to shrink the file on my hard drive to make it fit to standard blank disc (4.7GB). Sorry if this question has been answered previously on this site. Can’t find the answer - may have something to do with being a rookie…


Your file extension should not be IBX… Where did the video come from? What software did you use with it? Please list all steps that you took.


From what I gather (http://filext.com/file-extension/IXB) this is an image file that should be burnt to disc with the same Ulead software you created it with.

You may need to get yourself a dual layer disc, because the regular Single Lager discs can only hold 4.38 GB (DL disc twice as much). Another option is to use a different program (e.g. DVD Shrink) to shrink it to a smaller size…


Thanks Rob steps I took - stick DVD movie in tray; go to Ulead DVD Movie Factory for Toshiba; go to disc tools; go to copy disc; specify hard drive area to copy to - this then downloads DVD movie as IXB file. Then I go back into DVD Moviefactory specify Burn from disc image; specify IXB file saved above - then I get the message that file is too big (obviously 7GB file does not go on 4.7GB disc).
If I try to use DVD Tweak and Fit (as part of DVD Movie Factory) it will not let me specify any IXB file to make it fit to a disc.
Any other suggestions much appreciated.


Bedankt Taxman however from what I can see Ulead DVD Moviefactory for Toshiba does not let me shrink IXB files off harddrive to a size to fit on standard disc. Will give DVD Shrink a shot later.


I’m not really familiar with movie factory, but there should be an option to export the video, saving it to a different format, such as avi or mpeg2. Hopefully somebody with movie factory experience has some insight… There must be a way to save it in a different format.


Rob can save it as a .iso file. Does DVD shrink recognise .iso files ?


Yes, DVDSHRINK works with ISO images, as does many other softwares…