Ive used a decrypter now what?



I have taken a dvd with encryption and managed to copy it on to my hard drive using DVD Decrypter version but now i want to reassemble it to a dvdr disc. Do i have to make the files into a image file or is there some software that will construct a dvdr with the original menus and look of the source dvd as ive tried using convertxtodvd and this seems to add its own menus ect

thanks slick the novice


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If you plan to backup the entire DVD, you can rip it with decrypter as an ISO file and then burn the ISO on a dvdr with decrypter itself.

Most of video dvd are too big to fit a single layer disc, so you need to use a dual layer disc to do a complete backup of the disc. If you don’t want to use a dual layer disc, you can use a software like dvd shrink or clonedvd to remove all unwanted features like foreign languages or undesidered extra, and then compress all to fit a single layer disc.


Convertxtodvd is mainly used to convert clips (.avis, .mpgs) to dvds. When using Dvd decrypter, look at the size of the dvd when you insert the disc. If it’s over 4.5 gb, it won’t fit on a regular dvd. You will have to compress it.


Fyi you dont usally have to remove any extras if you don’t want to (it will still usally compress enough to fit), though in some cases, removing extras will allow less compression and therefor offer a little beter quality.


Another option is to split the movie across two single layer discs. CloneDVD2 will do this while perserving the menu structure, movie on one disc and all the extra’s on a second disc. This method minimizes the amount of compression done to the movie, while allowing the option of retaining extras, if you’re inclined.