Ive tried all kinds of ways to burn>>>>

unreal Tour 2003 just to see if this software works,used clony XXL it has sec new protection used the profiles to burn no luck coaster… ive tried Alcohol 120 doesn’t work… none of these softwares do what they claim they do…I have a pre plex 52x and the plex 708a dvd tried all the instruction here with different media all coasters so can someone tell me what software can copy this game. if any of these softwares can copy sec new ill buy that software (show me)>>>>

There is absolutely no point in worrying about this.
Just download the latest upgrade and burn it to one of the install cds.
The latest upgrade removes the copy protection and, in fact, removes the requirement to have the play cd inserted as well when running game.

We have a great search tool, things aren’t as hard as they seem

UT2003 SecuRom -
UT2003 2136 patch SecuRom -
UT2003 2166 patch SecuRom -
UT2003 2186 patch SecuRom -
UT2003 2199 patch SecuRom -


tried twinpeak and made a bwa worked the first time on UT 2003 clone cd Killer right on twinpeaks:iagree: