I've stopped using Nero - What's the best Audio Converter Software?


I’ve stopped using Nero as it got (like Roxio before it) too bloated and somewhat buggy at times. I have moved most of my Burning to a freeware application called ImgBurn. It does a good job so far but it lacks the ability to convert audio files from one format to another.

Once in a while I stumble across a Flac recording I’d like in Mp3 and I’m stuck.

What’s the best Audio Converter Software in 2010 for Win7 ?

Thanks for the assist.

I can’t say what’s best. You can do it with Audacity, import flac export as mp3, also Foobar2000 can do this. There are several other freeware options like Format Factory and Super, Winff.

Thanks for the ifo Whappo. I’ll take a look. :wink:

Of the proggies mentioned, I would definitely try f2k…It’s not only a converting app but it is/does so much, much more…
And I doubt you’ll get a “What’s the best Audio Converter”, around here, at least not from me…:wink:
Good luck!:slight_smile:

Best for me means the easiest…and that would be Format Factory.