I've seen the light

Just taken delivery of a 52246S and have to say probably my best ever component purchase.

Got a good price inc delivery ( see other thread )

Installation was simplicity itself, only qualm is that the screws that come with the drive are not fat enough to ensure a really tight fit so I used some different ones. When I fired up my machine it recognised the new drive straight away and loaded as normal. Flashed it to 6S07 just for the hell of it, it came with 6S04. Used it with this media:

Effortless burning at full speed. Anything I threw at it was copied without a glitch. As for the noise? I reckon some people on this forum may have fitted their drives incorrectly so they must be shaking the whole case because mine is very quiet. In fact I actually like the sound. When its spinning at full speed you can hardly hear it - it must go sub sonic or something because when I held my dog next to the drive it didn’t like it yet I could hear nothing!

I could not recommend this drive any more. Having said that, it is very early days so we’ll see how well it can perform in the future.