I've seen ISO referred to. What is it and its alternatives?

I think the title says it fairly clearly guys. As a newbie I’ve seen references to ISO in forums and in software I’ve used recently. I like to have a modicum of understanding about things, besides getting them fixed, so I’ll be asking a few questions like this for a while, but please feel free to tell me where to ‘shove it’ if you get pissed with it :slight_smile:

Definition of ISO.

Other image file types include MDS, CCD, BIN, CUE, CDI, BWT, BWI, BWS, BWA & many more.

ISO is just a format for storing cd images, however most copy-protected games are unusable one they have been through a iso format, so better to use .ccd (clonecd) and .rar/zip for data :slight_smile:

oh nice signiture gil t pleasure :smiley:

Only if CloneCD can do that copy protection. SecuROM 4.8+ and it needs help from other programs.

Basically different software can do different copy protections. The main ones being Alcohol, BlindWrite, CloneCD, DiscJuggler, DiscDump + FireBurner and probably a few others.

Use the correct one and leave it in that format. You can zip it if you want to reduce space or just make another copy from your original CD if you break the copy.

yeh, i no cloncd cant do all of them, it needs twinpeak to copy securom 4.8+ and few will do securom 3, oh i forget to mention that a iso file can be “optimised” or compressed, compression ratios are variable, one it got a 1600mb file down to 500mb other times it gets a 700mb file down to 657mb, but that was a video file. iso is good as nearly all programs support it, but clonecd is best for copy-protections

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You need at least 100 posts I believe.

thanks :slight_smile: better start browsing forums and ansering questions:)